About Me:

I am a multitasking-busy mom, a wife, a chef, a map, a jungle gym, farmer, traveler, teacher, penny-pincher, an animal saver, dreamer, collector, giver, list maker, and a creator.

I am simple. easy going. caring. POSITIVE.

I have a wonderful and loving family who are the rocks to my foundation. My husband is a hardworking, godly man who stands by me no matter how far out my ideas go. and I have a beautiful baby boy who taught me how to love with every inch of my being. we live the simple southern life with all of our 'critters'. 

I am an 9 year certified and experienced photographer that documents details and BIG moments. I am in love with what i do

About what I do:

I take care of my clients. I am there for it all. I do my best to feel more like a friend than your photographer.  My job is to make you feel comfortable and casual-- to capture the littlest of moments-- to help you remember the good or unseen in a beautiful image. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you. 

++Family image taken by the silhouette studio. sarah Williams++