Fly on the wall: mentoring

Want to learn your camera? How about natural or studio lighting? what about editing software for photography or videography? how to pose a model, couple or a baby? how to get lifestyle feel images in a tiny space? maybe even work on your angles or how to get a client to really click with you? whatever you are struggling with, let’s talk! I’d love to grab coffee with you and see what you’re having a hard time with or want to jump into. We can make arrangements with a model call and work on your skills. ultimate one on one time to really answer your questions or just to give you tips.

maybe you just need a refresher. maybe I can help! If any of this interests you, message me and I can set you up with my calendar, meet and chat and move forward! Once you contact me, I will send over a guide with my price list depending on depth of field (because one may take a weekend or two while another take just a few hours).

I am more than happy to assist you and build your confidence and business structure!:)