So long 2018

I’ll try to keep this blog medium and not drag my feels— 2018 was a turning point for me.

I had been taking in weddings, maternity, first birthdays, seniors, parties, anything I could get my hands on for 8 solid years. 2018 opened a new door for me. A scary door that 20 year old me would have possibly ran from but then again I wouldn’t have that chance at growth like this then since how far can you really go when you shoot with your moms canon rebel t2i and edit on pic-nik? 

After photo talk with a local tog friend of mind, she really nailed down the phrase of the growth I was seeing. I had finally ‘found my niche’. I thought why was I so invested in newborns and births and growing families so much? I’ve become a birth nerd and I’m involved in that relationship. I didn’t just stop at your wedding and stay there, I mean just as much as a wedding am I involved but something that so many found truly scary, I made into an art and created something beautiful. A legit lifetime of memories!

From engagements to bridals, weddings to a maternity shoot, birth and then newborn/family. How could you not create such a bond. You become family and so trusting. Someone likes you enough to “keep you around” and put their memories in your hands.

Like how cool is my job?? All I ever wanted was a type of friendship with my clients where I wasn’t so much a shoot and burn tog but now I get to see families and relationships grow. Heck, I even have clients that have used me from day one and trusted me for the last 8 years! 

2018 was a blessing in disguise. Hard and long hours and full of tears but the best growth I could ever witness.

i have delivered nearly 22,000 images in 15 months. Took in 23 weddings, 37 newborns and over 50 families and 18 births, plus some extras/milestones here and there in one year.

Here’s to 2019, where I will move along the trail and pray again for the best yet. 




I got to meet so many first (+) time parents and see the glow of excitement and pure joy.


Tickles and tackles fights at sunset with families and littles. Splashing mud, feeding chickens, playing chase.. this is what you want to remember!


Witnessing miracles and families grow in one room. I’ve cried and prayed hard for these sweet families and sat with them for hours at a time. The biggest honor for me to experience! 


Watched new friends marry the love of their life and give back lasting and timeless memories to pass for generations. 


And cuddle sweet babies and rock them to sleep. Newbies just days old along with sleepy parents. Loving and caring for your littles will never get old<3