Trent + Ashby {Stokes}

Oh, what a beautiful October day! The sun was shining high and bright (which we haven’t seen much of in a while). Decor and place settings were set out of fun antiques <both rustic, chic and modern>. The cake was a mile high! Not really but it was beyond uniquely beautiful. 

Ashby was such a chill bride. Everything so far had been to plan. Well maybe besides he nugget tray that the girls didn’t get at the beauty shop but they settled for pizza instead haha! 

Hundreds of people gathered around to celebrate Trent and Ashby’s big day. And hundreds of people stayed for the party. It was a good night for sure!  



lady bug on Ashby’s dress prior to ceremony. Good luck sign? I’d say so!


Her cake! Yum and whoa at the same time!