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Thank you so much for selecting Cassidy Miller Photography to document your bundles journey to the world! As you know, I put myself on call for your future delivery from 38 weeks to 41 weeks of birth—you never know if you go on your own, day or night or need a little push to welcome sweet baby. Certain doctors and certain hospitals will only allow me to do over the shoulder delivery and be apart of cesarean birth. Make sure this is 100% okay’d with your OB. I am not responsible for sudden changes but if plans do change and I am unable to fulfill your birth story wishes, I will credit you amount paid to go towards a future session(s) of your choice (within the year). DOWN DEPOSITS WILL NOT BE REFUNDED (25% of total).


  • After check ups after 36 weeks (Dilation + effacement)

  • If you feel mild contractions or pressure

  • if scheduled induction date

  • If an emergency comes up— blood pressure, heart rate, etc

  • Any progression as you are in the hospital (after each cervical check)

Please understand that I have two children (infant and 3yo) and have to locate babysitter accordingly to your call. From there it takes me 30 minutes to locate sitter/prep children (give or take) and 15 minutes to get to the hospital in Lufkin — 35 minutes to Nacogdoches.


By initialing below, you are agreeing to:

  • You understand the birth agreement price

  • You understand that birth plans can change but I will do my best to capture what I can

  • To keep me contacted as you attend check ups, feel labor coming and at hospital

  • You understand that I do not fully refund but will happily schedule sessions of your choice (Newborn, fresh 48, family, kiddos, etc)

  • Day after delivery sessions are separate priced (Unless I offer a back up plan if I didn’t get enough footage)

  • Cesareans are totally up to Dr/Hospital policies—will gladly come in if allowed!

  • Once you deliver, I will stay up to 2 hours past baby is born

  • That family, spouse, etc are fully aware why I am there

  • That images take 2-4 days to complete— Videos take up to 14 days max

  • Nurse station MAY or MAY NOT allow me to baby’s first bath if populated

  • That full payment must be complete in order to see/receive any images or videos

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